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Internal Medicine/Full Hospitalization 

Our doctors are all internship trained with years of veterinary experience to have the comfort and knowledge to treat your pet’s internal medicine problems. Our clinic is capable of full hospitalization with an experienced staff of veterinary nurses/technicians able to implement and carry out even the most critical care monitoring for your pet.


Complete dermatologic work-ups available with skin cytology, dermatohistopathology, scraping, blood allergy testing and immune therapy.


Complete surgical capabilities and a technologically advanced operating suite with all the most modern anesthetics and monitoring agents.  With over 50 years of combined surgical experience, we are capable of doing a myriad of soft tissue surgery and orthopedic surgery for your pet.  We even have an “on call” veterinary surgical specialist who comes to our practice to do more advanced orthopedic procedures (TPLO/TTA/Ear Ablations/Plate fixation for fractures).

Digital Radiology

Our x-rays are digital images on a high quality monitor rather than classic films. This allows for less radiation exposure to your pet and our employees. Digital imges allow the viewer to alter the contrast on a computer screen making the images more readable than traditional film. In addition, digital radiology allows us to transmit images via the internet for specialty consultation from Board Certified Radiologists when necessary.


Dr. Hoolihan has trained extensively on ultrasound and echocardiography in specialty hospitals and with our local mobile radiologist.  Dr. Hoolihan also spent 5 months as a Cardiology Resident in a busy Los Angeles specialty hospital doing cardiology and internal medicine consultation.  With our top of the line GE Vivid i Ultrasound machine, we are capable of doing comparatively inexpensive ultrasound and echocardiographic studies for your pet.

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